Foundations That Help Pay For Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Question by I Need Answers: Foundations That Help Pay For Gastric Bypass Surgery?
are there any charities or foundations that help pay for gastric bypass surgery, if you dont have medical insurance and you need this surgery to potentially save your life?

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Answer by Aga P
Double click on the following website:

They are looking for people doing clinical trials. Click on that part of the webpage for more information.

Also this site has places you can contact for more information.

In addition, contact your Dept. of Social Services in your state to see if you qualify for free complete/partial medical care/surgery. They will assign you a case worker to evaluate your situation.

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  1. katty.pitt on August 3, 2012 at 3:05 pm

    If you don’t have insurance, your next best thing is patient advocacy. The best program I know of comes with MySimpleCard. See how others in a similar life threatening situation and no health insurance have benefited.

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