Has anyone had surgery in Mexico?

Question by xylem: Has anyone had surgery in Mexico?
I am contemplating seeing Dr. Verboonen in Cancun. Has anyone been to him? I am going to get weightloss surgery…probably the gastric sleeve. Has anyone gone to Mexico for this kind of surgery, or known anyone who has? I am a little scared, I know it is risky, but I also think that people do it all the time…

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the worst case scenario, dead. There are dozens of horror stories about surgeries in other countries that should serve as a warning to avoid this at all costs. Even in the U.S., with our standards of cleanliness, and anesthesia, accidents happen. Here in New York, a woman came from Europe to have a face lift at a reputable hospital, with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and she died from the anesthesia. She wanted to surprise her husband with a refreshed look; unfortunately, instead of celebrating a younger-looking wife, he had to attend her funeral.

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