How can I strengthen amd tone muscles after a gastric bypass?

Question by Amy K: How can I strengthen amd tone muscles after a gastric bypass?
I had a Gastric Bypass 19 months ago and lost over 160 lbs. I went from a size 28 to a size 6! The insurance company denied any reconstructive surgery and I have been told that the loose skin I have could still be toned up! That its not as bad as it could be! How do I go about doing this? Is it more than exercise? Is there a certain combination of exercises? What is the most successful way to do this? Someone please help me because I can’t go another summer wearing jeans and longer sleeve tops because Im self conscious about the loose skin! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Answer by amy k
I would do resistance training. This will help tone you and minimize some of the skin sagging. I would look at using some vitamin e and cocoa butter on my skin it helps some with mosturizing the skin.

Keep up the great work and enjoy your success.

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  1. The Gastric Bypass Guru on May 11, 2011 at 12:12 am

    Congratulations on your weight loss! It is very exciting to be able to shop “off the rack” in any clothing store you want, but I feel your pain… when the clothes come off, it seems everything drops down a foot or two! LOL!

    Exercise will definitely help your new shape look better, but it may not help your skin look the way you want it to.

    Skin elasticity is a very individual thing, and depends on age, genetics and the length of time it was stretched across your excess weight.

    The better your muscle mass to body fat ratio, the better your skin is likely to look.

    Still, you are probably not going to see the results you want by summer. A fitness expert or personal trainer may be able to help you get your shape to the best it can be, but it is likely to take some time. Once you are convinced that you’ve gone as far as you can go, you can re-evaluate and decide whether you want to save up for possible cosmetic surgery.

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