Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Safe?

Although it is true that there are some risks which are associated with gastric sleeve surgery like any other type of bariatric procedure, it is certainly one of the safer ways to go. Minimally invasive, this weight loss procedure does not require the use of any foreign devices to be put into the body such as with the Lap-Band which can lead to infection as well as other serious problems. It is important to consider the risks of any surgical procedure that you are going to get for the simple reason that you will want to know everything that is involved.

What part of the stomach is removed in gastric sleeve surgery?

  • In this procedure a large portion of the stomach is taken out, which is what makes it invasive. The remaining portion of the stomach however is sealed shut with staples that are usually made from titanium, meaning that the chances of them coming lose at all are extremely slim. You will be able to count on them to last a lifetime with no need for replacements, adjustments, or “fills” like with other bariatric procedures to help people lose weight. It is certainly one of the safer and more effective options available to those who are overweight.

Are there fewer risks with the sleeve?

  • Unlike gastric band procedures, this particular type of surgery comes with the fewest risks. It is still important to know what can happen though, just so you will be prepared beforehand. Although it is fairly rare with this type of procedure, excessive bleeding during the surgery has been known to occur in certain patients. With the way this procedure is performed though, it is highly unlikely to happen. Another side-effect of the procedure is nausea which can come from the general anesthetic which is used to sedate the patient for the duration of the surgery.

I heard this is one of the safest options?

  • All in all gastric sleeve surgery really is one of the safest options you can go with and it can provide a real option for those who have struggled to lose weight for years but have failed in doing so. The data that has been gathered from the multiple studies on gastric sleeve surgery strongly suggest that the possibility of serious life-threatening complications is very low and that it is definitely one of the safer routes to take when trying to lose weight surgically.

While it is true that there have been certain cases of people having adverse reactions to the procedure or the anesthetic, they have been minor and nowhere near life-threatening. When you are looking to find the most effective and safe surgical procedure to lose weight fast, you will definitely want to consider gastric sleeve surgery. Although it is fairly new as far as these types of procedures are concerned, it is generally viewed as one of the better methods of weight loss for those who have seemingly run out of options. Even though you will always be taking a certain amount of risk on when going through with a type of surgery like this, with gastric sleeve surgery is at an absolute minimum so you won’t have to be concerned at all.

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