Lap band, bypass and other weight loss surgery question about diet?

Question by Darlincar: Lap band, bypass and other weight loss surgery question about diet?
Wouldn’t just eating the special diet shrink ones stomach over time and aid in weightloss? I know bypass moves the intestines around bit it’s such major surgery. Why risk it when just eating and following the long term post op diet plan with a nutritionist would produce same results at the same time?

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Answer by JB
How many times have you tried dieting? How long did you succeed? You may be one of those who can do that, but for most people (both morbidly obese and just over-weight) they can do it for a while, but then fall back into the bad habits. I was that way. I have gone from 285 (at 6’3″) to 490, back down to 380 and back up again, over and over again over the last 10+ years. Each time I failed I added more weight back. With the band in place I am forced to keep on my diet. When I do over eat, I am forced to stop before the caloric damage is too bad.

Additionally it changed the way I viewed food. It is no longer the center focus in my life. When I eat I spend more time talking to my dinner mates then eating. The amount I see as a good meal has changed. A few days ago I said to myself “Man, I ate like a pig today at lunch”. My lunch at Wendy’s consisted of ½ Wendy’s Caesar salad, ½ small bowl of chili, and the Asian Chicken dish (6-9 pieces nuggets). I was as full as I can make myself before vomiting. After a moment, I laughed at myself. Two years ago that was a dieting meal. I used to eat at the Chinese buffet for lunch almost 3 times a week. I was not uncommon for myself to go back 3 or 4 times. I haven’t been to a buffet (except for two birthday parties, so didn’t choose the place and still didn’t eat a lot) since I had my band 1.5 years ago.

As for the bypass. I agree that it is a major surgery. Personally I didn’t conceder it at all. However, some people are not Lap-band candidates (usually those over 500 lbs, from what I have heard). Each person has to do a “Risk/reward” analysis for all types of surgeries and if they need it at all. Is their weight so bad for them that it is better to face the risks of gastric surgery instead of dealing with the risks of being at their weight? If it just because they want to loose a few pound to look good, then absolute not. If it’s because they are dieing of obesity (like I was) then yes.

If you think my opinion is full of hot air try reading news articles about weight loss surgeries. More and more often doctors are finding that weight loss surgery is both safer and necessary for morbidly obese people.

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