Should I get gastric bypass surgery?

Question by amberranae6292: Should I get gastric bypass surgery?
I am seventeen years old. I know it’s really young to be considering such a dramatic option. I know that there are risks involved, and I know that it IS a lifechanging procedure.

That being said, I am seventeen years old, five foot two, and two hundred fifty pounds. I eat a normal amount, and exercising is really hard to do because I am obese. It is tiring for me to walk from my house to the mailbox, short distances that should not bother me.

So my question is, should I get gastric bypass surgery? I used to say that I would never do it unless it was for medical reasons, but it’s getting to the point where it is affecting my life.

I don’t care about going on dates or wearing American Eagle clothes. That is not my reason for it. I am at extreme high risk for diabetes (it is actually a shock that I don’t already have it), as well as many other problems.

Again, I know there are severe risks and complications involved… and, of course, I am not going to base my decision off of the answers I receive from this…. but I am just looking for a bit of advice. Should I look into the procedure?

Thanks for your input!
I didn’t mean to set this to infectious diseases… it was supposed to be in “other”. Sorry!

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Answer by nerd. :}
if u feel comfortable to do it, go ahead. ppl cant really decide for u. Its what u feel is best for u. :} good luck with ur decision.

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  1. Brittani on November 9, 2011 at 3:33 pm

    yes there are exstreme risk but look at all the people who have done it

    alot of them have dropped the weight at least most of it

    if i was you i would do it.

    but its your decision

    just remember if you do it will drastically change your life 🙂 in a good way and sometimes in a bad. you might lose friends cause your personality might change with the more confidence you gain. but then you will gain confidence and be more happy with yourself
    and thats what is most important

  2. lollie on November 9, 2011 at 3:58 pm

    i wouldn’t. the procedure is just an easy way out. exercising might be difficult an frustrating and hard to keep up but in the end it will be much more fulfilling and you will feel like you were responsible for getting yourself back on track. its going to be hard but a lot of this are hard and you kind of have to get over it and look at the end result instead of focusing on the pain.

  3. SuperVibrationalEscrow on November 9, 2011 at 4:28 pm

    No. You actually aren’t likely to lose your weight and keep it off. The Drs shoot for you to have a weight loss of about half of what you need to lose and maintain it. My friend had it and now she is several years after it.. and she is much smaller, but she is still a big girl. Problem is.. now she is still heavy AND has all kinds of dangerous health problems. She has to go in twice a week to get injections of the nutrients she can no longer absorb or she will die.

  4. towanda on November 9, 2011 at 4:50 pm

    You don’t just have the bypass and then you lose weight. You have to go on a strict regime of what you eat or what you don’t eat actually. It isn’t easy and it is dangerous. Take the money for the bypass and go to a good doctor and learn how to lose weight, buy a membership to a gym and then use it. Have you watched the Biggest Loser? Everyone can lose weight. Find out why you aren’t. There is more to weight than skinny people image. I would check out Dr. Phil’s book about the psychological aspects of overeating and look into some of his ideas about how to accomplish your goal. There is a reason you are overweight. . .find out why you are before you do anything else. Then throw out everything fattening in your house and fill up your fridge with veggies. . .I swear I’ve been on a diet since the day I was born and I have fought my weight all my life. I know of what I speak. And I now am diabetic. I suggest you learn to fight the good fight to keep your health and don’t rely on short cuts because they don’t work. And if you don’t learn how to change your lifestyle, don’t even bother because you will put the weight right back on plus a little more and your metabolism will be screwed up and you will end up heavier than before. Been there and done that. Figure out how to do it right and then do it. It’s just a matter of how bad do you want it.

  5. i need your help :o on November 9, 2011 at 5:40 pm

    actually i think you should get the lap band!! . what you want to do is just a waste of money..and pain of coarse all surgery is painful but you should at least try a bit harder. you cant expect to lose it fast. but another good thing is joining the biggest loser! well i wish you good luck

  6. Aimee B on November 9, 2011 at 6:16 pm

    Absolutely not.
    If you can walk then you can lose weight.
    A gastric bypass is not an accomplishment.
    Losing the weight, by sheer determination, sweat, tired muscles.
    You will learn to eat to keep off the weight and be healthy.
    If you can lose the weight on your own without any invasive procedures you will never have to have any severe diet restrictions that a gastric bypass inflicts upon you.
    You can indulge in chocolate cake or a cheeburger on rare occasions and not have to deal with cramping, loose stools and the like.

    If you have a gastric bypass you may have a problem with absorption and you can have a lifetime of diarrhea (or loose stools).

    I am a dietitian and I soon will have a Master’s degree in nutrition.

    I also lost 30 pounds on my own by walking and exercising about 10 years ago.
    Then 2 years ago I had a child, I gained 50 pounds.
    I ended up losing 60 by walking and eating better.

    Start slow. Walk 5 minutes. Walk 10 minutes etc…
    What you say is a normal amount may be more than you need.
    Half of your plate should be vegetables 1/4 a starch 1/4 your meat.
    Eat less, move more.

    You will feel much more pride when you are approached in two years when you hear “Oh my God!! You look fabulous!! have got to tell me how you did it!!”
    And you can claim
    “I did it all myself, eating right and exercise.”

    Also there is no shame worse than losing all of the weight after having the bypass and several years later you turn around and have gained it all back (I have seen patients who it has happened too). It (the malabsorption, diarrhea, pain, cost) was all for NOTHING.

    If you never learn how to eat right and exercise you WILL gain it back.

    You do not weigh as much as all that, you weigh under 400, so you really do not need it that much. You can easlily lose the weight, it will take you sometime however, be prepared for that, but it will stay off.
    I would imagine that you could naturally lose about 50-100 pounds in the first year.
    Once you lose 10-25 pound syou will feel energized and find the energy to beef up your exercise routine.
    Good luck

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