Weight Loss Surgery Questions: will my car insurance pay for surgical weight loss surgery?

Question by one_leg_daniel: will my car insurance pay for surgical weight loss surgery?
i live in michigan and have no fault benefits. i was involved in a car accident 2 years ago and lost my leg resulting in weight gain and need to stabilize my weight to wear prostheis. my doctor wants me to get the surgery and has scheduled an appointment with the weight loss clinic.

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Answer by SomeInfo
Probably not.

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  1. spot says:

    You should have had an attorney and your car insurance company should have already settled it. If you already received a payment and signed a document, you can’t go back and claim more.

  2. curiositycat says:

    It is very doubtful. VERY doubtful.

  3. dorim_99 says:

    I doubt it. Maybe your medical insurance will pay for it?

  4. jseah114 says:

    No, they won’t. If the doctor will document that the surgery is medically necessary, then you could claim it as a medical deduction on your tax return, however only the portion in excess of 7.5% of your adjusted gross income is deductible.

  5. Jackie H says:

    Speak with an insurance company official. This is too serious to ask other people’s opinion. Only the insurance company knows what is in your policy. Not all insurance policies have the same insurance coverage.

  6. GoChrisGo says:

    I don’t think so, but why wouldn’t you call your insurance company and ask them?

  7. planetn says:

    I doubt they will cover this surgery. If you really think this is a possibility, call your insurance company and ask. Good luck.

  8. zippythejessi says:

    Highly unlikely. Most insurances view weight loss surgery as cosmetic or elective, so they don’t pay for it.

  9. mbrcatz17 says:

    Probably not. It’s pretty darned hard to prove that your caloric intake didn’t cause the weight gain.

  10. Ziggy says:

    I had gastric bypass surgery in April 2005. I started out at 268, now I’m 180 and holding, after 1 year and 7 months. These links will help you in many ways to make a decision if this is for you or not. I vote yes, because it made such a difference in my life. I was taking 8 pills a day, and after my surgery, I lost my diabetes. The way they do the surgery, takes your diabetes away. I no longer have to take glucophage, and I no longer have high Cholesterol or high blood pressure. I’m down to 2 pills a day. I went from a size 26-28 to a 16-18.
    Most people struggle with paying for the surgery. Go to this site, it is a great support system for you, because it’s only people who have had gastric bypass. Every insurance program has been rated, and you’ll get tips on how to deal with your insurance company, as well as, surgery tips, food tips, and just support. http://www.obesityhelp.com/
    Vitamins I take… you have to be very faithful about taking them after surgery, because you can become very sick if you don’t. There were recommended by my surgeon and nutritionist.
    There is a very good web site by a guy named Basil White. He’s a govt. worker and a comedian. He walks you through everything. Very interesting. He had the surgery and did well.
    Some other helpful links…
    Article about a couple in FL who lost 300 pounds
    Good luck with your surgery and new life!

  11. Tina says:

    No, they will not. Call your insurance agent and ask him.

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